Our dedication to Israel

The World Values Network is committed to spreading the universal values of the Jewish people and making Israel a light unto the nations.

Our organization is at the forefront of promoting the State of Israel as the clearest expression of Jewish values and to fighting Israel’s enemies as they seek its character assassination and deligitimization in the global media.

Few organizations, if any, can match our global reach in defending Israel in world publications and broadcast and online media. We promote Israel as a righteous democracy that values human life, promotes human rights, advances the rights of women, respects religious liberty, protects the rights of its minority communities, and has some of the world’s most prestigious educational institutions. Israel is not just the fulfillment of the ancient Jewish dream to be a free people in our ancient Biblical land. It is a supreme manifestation of the ancient Jewish value of esteeming the infinite worth of the individual even when ensconced in a sea of tyranny.

Israel’s robust democratic institutions, market-based economy, entrepreneurial climate, and commitment to the highest ethical standards are the greatest hope for the fullest development of the potential of all the inhabitants of the Middle East.


As the constant conflict in the Middle east, This World: The Jewish Values Network, has decided to bring a series of high level debates to campuses across the country on the Israeli Palestinian conflict. We are partnering up with student groups at campuses all over the country to accomplish this goal. In the last debate at Columbia, Rabbi Shmuley and Brett Stephens, Pulitzer Prize winning journalist of the Wall Street Journal, debated Peter Beinart, columnist and author of The Crisis of Zionism and Hussein Ibish, a Senior Fellow at the American Task Force on Palestine.

We will continue hosting the most prominent and well-respected speakers as we embark on our fall, 2014 schedule of events. As a result of having such top-level internationally recognized speakers representing both sides of the forums, our events appeal to a broad audience and are widely attended.

You can find our upcoming as well as recent debates here.

If you are interested in hosting one of these debates on you campus, please contact mushki@shmuley.com